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I know the traditional “about me” pages

are more of a place to let readers know about accomplishments and accolades as a way to wow your audience, but we’re a bit different here!

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While my academic achievements include a Master of Social Work (MSW) from UPenn, a Master of Education at Harvard (yup, Harvard), my Certificate in College Counseling from UC Irvine, and countless hours of professional development and topics ranging from adolescent development to parent coaching, as well as how thankful I am for my professional experiences, traveling for my national sorority to talk to young women across the country, working at Bentley University in the office of Student Affairs, and of course the last 20 years as an independent college admissions specialist make me uniquely qualified to understand this process from many different angles…

...Yet, ultimately, it is the role of “mom” to three of my own children, along with being a “bonus” mom to “my village’s” children, that provide me with a special and unique perspective on college-bound students and their parents, that is what I’d like to showcase here at College Talk for Moms.

In my spare time, I have read hundreds of college-related books and articles, walked hundreds of miles listening to various podcasts, and journaled and blogged about the college search, application, and admissions process. 

I slowly crafted and honed my approach to managing the chaos, reducing the stress, and actually enjoying the college search, application, and admissions process.

Now I want to share how you can do so too.

Through blogs, emails, newsletters, and speaking engagements, I will share how I:

MOST of all…

Manage my own disappointments, frustrations, and sadness.


Learn to celebrate the process, not the outcome.

I can’t wait to start sharing my experience, knowledge, and insights with you!

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